Keep Active in a Tech-driven World

Advanced technology has made many areas of life easier, but in turn has caused a decrease in physical activity. Decreased physical activity is directly related to a higher risk for chronic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and obesity. It is important to make active choices every day, especially in the midst of busy schedules. Here are some ways to keep you moving in a tech-driven world.

  • Watching T.V.? Use commercial breaks to exercise.
    • Tech tie in: Use a smartphone’s timer or stopwatch feature to track time.
  • Going somewhere close? Walk to as many places as possible throughout your day.
    • Tech tie in: Use an online fitness program like Lorain County Walks, or a fitness app like Map my Fitness
  • Driving? Park far away to add extra steps.
    • Tech tie in: If you park so far away, use your key fob to beep your way back to your vehicle
  • Sending messages at work? Deliver them yourself. Avoid in-office calling and e-mailing.
  • Going up? Take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator.
  • Time for lunch? Take your walking shoes and pedometer to work and go walking before you eat.
    • Tech tie in: Pedometers, fitness trackers, stop watches… choose the method that works best for you and get out of the office!
  • Family time? Organize games and activities that keep everyone moving.
    • Tech tie in: Assign a playing child or teen to be the scorekeeper to engage them with the tech they love! Tablets are an easy and mobile way to track game scores without wasting paper.

Finding Time

Here are some tips on how you can make the most of each day and reap the most benefits for your body:

  • Busy full-time working parent? Once the kids go to bed, do something for you—get physically active with a workout DVD or YouTube video, or keep busy with chores. Did you know vacuuming for 30 minutes can burn up to 125 calories?
  • Is your favorite television program on? Feel free to watch it, and tie in some type of activity during commercial breaks. Get up and do: a load of laundry; three sets of 15 push-ups and crunches; or stretch those muscles.
  • Are the grandkids coming to visit for the weekend? Help burn calories and the kids’ energy by going to a park to run on the playground, or practice their skills for t-ball.

What would you do if you could lengthen your lifespan and increase your quality of health to prevent chronic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, colon cancer and other diseases?

The answer: get physically active! Physical activity is anything that gets your body moving.


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