Nutrition for Kids!

It’s important for children to grow up healthy and strong! Healthy meals and snacks start at home. Use these tips to ensure your kids are getting the right nutrients.

  • Make half of the plate fruits and vegetables
  • Add lean proteins such as fish, turkey, chicken, and lean beef
  • Include whole grains - look for 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain on food labels
  • Encourage children to eat slowly, enjoying and savoring each bite.

Is your child a picky eater? Try these creative twists on old favorites!

  • Create a smoothie! Add a wide variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Kids love dips! Try dipping fruit into low fat yogurt for a sweet treat, or dip vegetables in hummus
  • Use cookie cutters to make sandwiches into fun shapes
  • Have the kids pick out dried fruits, nuts, pretzels, etc. to make their own healthy trail mix

Family Time in the Kitchen!
When we cook at home we are more likely to make healthier choices. Take advantage of this time at home to get creative with meal times and make it a family event!

  • Set a goal to cook at home at least once or twice a week and build up to cooking more often
  • Plan ahead. Create a week's worth of meals together as a family to eat throughout the week
  • Experiment with healthy recipes. Substitute sour cream with Greek yogurt, and use low fat dressings instead of regular.
  • Manage portions by only putting a little bit on your plate at a time. Keep serving bowls in the kitchen

Fun Recipes for Kids:
MyPlate has recipes for even the pickiest of eaters. Look for fun new meal ideas for the entire family:

For more information on nutrition for children and resources visit:


latest news

  •  Lorain County Public Health (LCPH) works with partners around the region to make it safer and easier for people to be physically active. Active transportation - or human powered travel, like walking and biking - helps people meet daily physical activity recommendations.

  • Age-related changes, disabilities, and chronic health conditions may make it difficult to go grocery shopping, especially in rural locations and for people with a low income. The Coalition for Quality Aging (CQA), which works to improve the quality of aging for older adults in Lorain County, identified this barrier and worked to find solutions. CQA partners at Oberlin Community Services (OCS) proposed to test out a food delivery service for people in southern Lorain County who can’t get to the store due to disability or age-related challenges.

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