Healthy Meetings

Healthy MeetingsChoose simple snacks that are nutritious and delicious for meetings and conferences. Provide nutrient-dense foods rather than calorie-dense foods - empty calorie foods won’t fuel your body for a long workday.

Try these yummy snacks for healthy meetings:

  • Fresh fruit salad with low-fat yogurt dip
  • Raw vegetables with low-fat ranch and yogurt dip
  • Baked tortilla chips with salsa or bean dip
  • Yogurt parfait (low-fat yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit, and low-fat granola)
  • Pita with hummus dip
  • Whole-grain tortilla wrap with low-fat cream cheese and vegetables, rolled up and cut into slices like pin wheels
  • Whole-grain crackers with low-fat cheese spread or peanut butter
  • Whole fresh fruit
  • Fruit and nut trail mix
  • Serve ice water, unsweetened iced tea, 100% fruit juice, coffee, or tea as drink options


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  •  Get fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables from City Fresh, a local service that lets you “subscribe” to receive fruits and vegetables every week. Lorain County Public Health and El Centro de Servicios Sociales in Lorain have partnered with City Fresh to make it easier for residents to get fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price, and close to home.

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