Eating Away from Home

Remember to make healthy choices when eating out. Here are tips to guide you during your next visit to a restaurant:



A soup or salad as an appetizer 

A high-fat appetizer

Put half of your meal in a take-home box 

Finish your plate even if you are full

Ask for salad dressing on the side 

Ask for extra dressing

Steamed, grilled, baked or broiled foods 

Pan-fried, crispy or creamy foods

A grilled chicken sandwich 

A fried crispy chicken sandwich

A sandwich with a lot of vegetables 

A sandwich with a lot of cheese and bacon

A baked potato 


Add salsa and/or low-fat cottage cheese to your baked potato 

Add sour cream and butter to your baked potato

Meals filled with vegetables 

Meals filled with gravies or butter sauces

Ask the server to bring bread and butter only once 

Let your server keep refilling bread throughout the meal

Order a fruit cup or sherbet for dessert. 

Order a slice of cake


Early Morning Meals:

  • Order whole-grain toast or bagels with jam or low-fat cream cheese.
  • Choose whole fruit or a fruit cup.
  • Choose low-fat or fat-free yogurt with fresh fruit.
  • Look for whole-grain cereals and fat-free milk.

A Healthy Taste of Italy

  • Choose whole-grain pasta and bread when possible.
  • When ordering a pizza, ask for lots vegetables as toppings.
  • Choose marinara sauce over a butter or cream sauce.

Fiesta Favorites

  • Do not ask the server for tortilla chip refills.
  • Order a taco salads without the shell.
  • Ask for low-fat sour cream and salsa to flavor your meal.

latest news

  •  This September across Lorain County, residents can get their blood drawn at a low cost and learn their cholesterol, blood glucose, complete blood count, and other health indicators. Public health nurses from Lorain County Public Health (LCPH) will answer questions and provide information during blood draw sessions at community locations throughout Lorain County. All Lorain County adults ages 55 and older are invited.

  • Lorain County worksites can sign up now to compete this September in the second annual Step it Up Challenge. The Lorain City Port Authority won first place in the 2017 Step it Up Challenge by averaging over 12,000 steps (about 6 miles) per employee per day. An introductory webinar will take place on Aug. 9, 2018 at 8:30 AM to learn more about the Step it Up Challenge.

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