NR Heart and Sole Challenge Future Projects

The North Ridgeville Heart and Sole Challenge is planning to address the following initiatives in the future.

  • Advocate for increased walkability and bikeability in the community
  • Increase healthy options on local restaurant menus
  • Add new physical activity opportunities for local families
  • Work closely with local produce stands to promote fresh vegetables and fruits



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  • Picture this: You are in the checkout lane of a grocery store. Your stomach starts to growl because you have not eaten and are in need of a snack. You’ve been doing well trying to eat healthy but next to you in the checkout lane are only candy bars and chips. 

  • Anyone can catch the flu. The flu strikes without warning and symptoms can be severe and life-threatening. To protect both you and your loved ones the Lorain County General Health District (LCGHD) will provide the flu vaccine this fall and throughout the flu season.

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