THRIVE Southern Lorain County 

The THRIVE Southern Lorain County collaborative is a community group that is conducted through the United Way Community Collaborative Model. It was previously organized through the Creating Healthy Communities Program at Lorain County Public Health, and once known as "Live Healthy Southern Lorain County". For more information about THRIVE please contact us at or call 440-322-6367 and ask to speak with the Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention division.

A few examples of Live Healthy Southern Lorain County partner projects include:

Healthy Corner Store - Chet and Fran’s Country Store
100% Tobacco Free Campus Policy - Wellington Schools
100% Tobacco Free Policy - Village of Wellington
Bike Rack – Herrick Memorial Library, LCCC Wellington Center
Hydration Stations - Wellington Community Park


Hydration Station at Wellington Community Park


latest news

  •  Lorain County Public Health (LCPH) works with partners around the region to make it safer and easier for people to be physically active. Active transportation - or human powered travel, like walking and biking - helps people meet daily physical activity recommendations.

  • Age-related changes, disabilities, and chronic health conditions may make it difficult to go grocery shopping, especially in rural locations and for people with a low income. The Coalition for Quality Aging (CQA), which works to improve the quality of aging for older adults in Lorain County, identified this barrier and worked to find solutions. CQA partners at Oberlin Community Services (OCS) proposed to test out a food delivery service for people in southern Lorain County who can’t get to the store due to disability or age-related challenges.

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