Healthy Kids Achieve More Network

The Healthy Kids Achieve More Network (HKAMN) is dedicated to developing and supporting Lorain County school-based health advocates to address the relationship between learning and health by:

  • Promoting best-practice resources
  • Building partnerships and teams among school health and education professionals
  • Eliminating gaps and reducing redundancies across initiatives and funding streams

CEUs and college credit offerings include:

  • Annual 1 day summer workshop
  • Online learning through modules
  • Additional one-day workshops or in district learning opportunities

Who should join?

HKAMN is for administrators, teachers, physical education instructors, food service personnel, counselors, intervention specialists, school nurses, athletic directors, coaches, school board members, support staff, and other community partners.

What are the benefits of joining this no-cost network?

  • Access local professional development opportunities
  • Receive assessment, implementation and evaluation of social-emotional, mental, and wellness initiatives
  • Receive technical assistance to review school- and county-level data and support strategic integration of protective health initiatives
  • Access connection to funding sources
  • Find support for classroom and school wellness teams
  • Engage with a network of like-minded education professionals

Why adopt the Whole School Whole Child model?

  • The Whole Child, Whole School approach to learning promotes greater alignment between mental and physical health and education outcomes. At the community-level partners must work together whenever possible in order to collectively assure students are healthy and ready to learn.
  • This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) model recognizes that sustainable change requires cross-sector partners focused on the same goal and reinforcing each other’s efforts. Only by working in this way to integrate health services and programs more deeply into the day-to-day life of students can we all meet our common goal: development of healthy lifestyles that will transform families and communities.
  • There are eight components of a coordinated school health (CSH) program with the tenets of a whole child approach to education: Health Education, Nutrition Environment & Services, Employee Wellness, Social and Emotional School Climate, Physical Environment, Health Services, Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services, Community Involvement, Family Engagement, and Physical Education and Physical Activity.


For more information:

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latest news

  • Compete against other workplaces – “Step it Up” and participate in a county-wide walking challenge. Employees join as a team, keep track of their steps, win prizes, and start healthy habits that can increase productivity and creativity at work.

  • This summer, find affordable, local fresh fruits and vegetables at farm markets across the county. Not sure where to find a farm market? Go to to find a list of farm markets on an interactive map.

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