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How to use Lorain County Walks

Create an individual account and track your activity

Follow these steps to create your account and get walking.
  1. Visit Walks.LiveHealthyLorainCounty.com and click on Join Today! 
  2. Fill out the registration questions.
  3. Create your log-in information.
  4. Start walking! Log in daily to track your progress, or link your Jawbone or FitBit wearable device to your account.

Create a Challenge: Invite your friends and coworkers

Creating or joining a Challenge is a way to get competitive with friends and coworkers, no matter what kind of device they use to track their steps. View or create a Challenge by clicking the My Challenges tab at the top of the Lorain County Walks menu. Manage and view results of Challenges you’ve created or joined.

Creating a Challenge

  1. After clicking My Challenges, select Create a Challenge on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Answer questions to customize your Challenge:
    1. Choose your Challenge type
      1. Private Challenges – Only people you add to your Challenge teams can see your Challenge and join. This type of Challenge is great for workplaces or small groups of friends.
      2. Public Challenges – Anyone using Lorain County Walks can see your Challenge’s name and ask to join. Since the Challenge creator does not have to know everyone’s email, this type of Challenge is ideal for large workplaces, or as an open community Challenge.
    2. Add and name your teams. You can add as many teams as you want.
  3. On the next page, add the emails of your participants to each team. Those participants will get an email inviting them to your Challenge. 
  4. Choose to send automated reminder emails through Lorain County Walks to let your participants know when your Challenge starts and ends.
  5. After creating a challenge, you can always go back and edit your options by clicking back to the My Challenge screen. 

Joining a Challenge 

  1. The Challenge owner will invite you to join an existing Challenge via email, or 
  2. Join a public Challenge by clicking Join Public Challenge on the My Challenge page. Choose the Challenge and team that you want to join. Then, the Challenge creator will get an email letting them know that you want to join, and add you to your team.

Leaving a Challenge 

Leave a Challenge at any time by clicking Leave Challenge. 

View and share results

On the My Challenges page, click View next to your Challenge. You’ll see names and rankings of teams, average team steps, and team progress over time.
How to Guide

Incorporate Lorain County Walks into your workplace wellness program

Lorain County Walks is a great tool to coordinate walking challenges at the workplace or at school. Human resource representatives, teachers, or wellness champions can use the Challenge feature to set up Challenges, invite participants, track progress, and report out results. Whether participants use a pedometer, FitBit, Jawbone, or other wearable device, Lorain County Walks can track the steps of all users. View the Challenge setup instructions above to see how you can create your own Challenge. 

Ideas for increasing walking at workplaces, community-based organizations, and schools

  •  Have walking meetings – put on your comfy shoes and take a stroll as you meet and strategize.
  • Take walking breaks often. Sometimes it can be hard to get away from the screen, so try to get up and move once every hour – remember that every step counts!
  • Have a walking Challenge! Create teams that can enter their steps to encourage friendly competition and social support for walking.
  • Map out nearby locations that are good for walking on lunch breaks, or after work hours.


Benefits of walking

Health experts recommend walking around 10,000 steps a day (about 5 miles) on most days to increase energy and decrease stress. Walk to keep your heart healthy, and to help prevent health issues like: heart disease, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and osteoporosis. Physical activity can help with losing weight, but it's possible that more steps may be needed for weight loss. The Surgeon General has provided general guidelines about activity and how many steps you should be taking per day:
Level of Activity

900 - 3000 steps = Inactive
5000 - 7000 steps = Moderate
10000 + steps = Active

Getting started with Lorain County Walks

Increase energy, decrease stress and have fun with Lorain County Walks! Lorain County Walks now has two distinct features. You can always sign up and walk on your own, or you can use the Challenge feature to organize walkers into teams and engage in walking competitions.

Logging Footsteps 

When you start wearing your pedometer or wearable device, record your step total for that day on Lorain County Walks. If you use a wearable device such as a FitBit or Jawbone, you can link it to your Lorain County Walks account so it updates automatically. Just follow the link on the Log-In Page to link your device, and your steps will be entered at midnight each night.

What is a pedometer? What is a wearable device?

A pedometer is a motion-sensing device that accurately records the number of footsteps you take. A wearable device is an activity tracker that works just like a pedometer, but it is usually worn around your wrist like a bracelet. 

Wearing your pedometer 

Wear your pedometer at waist level, directly above the side of either knee. Place the pedometer horizontally in a level position, clipped onto your belt or waistband. For security, use the safety strap that comes with the pedometer to ensure that it doesn't fall off. Avoid any rough handling of the pedometer like shaking, throwing or jarring.

How to set your walking goals 

Different people have different goals, fitness and activity levels, and different lifestyles and attitudes toward fitness and physical activity. Once you have worn your pedometer for a few days and know about how many steps you take every day, set a reachable goal for the next week. For example, if your average number of steps per day is 6,000 steps, you may set a goal to increase by 100 steps a day for the next seven days. The only competition you have is with yourself, so set a goal that is realistic and attainable for you. Most healthy Americans should take 10,000 steps a day. The important thing, however, is to gradually get more active - and stay more active!
No wearable device? No problem! See how everyday activities make a difference using this sheet:
Training tips
  • Increase your activity level slowly. For example, consider an increase of 100 steps per day. This represents about one extra minute of walking per day, which is enough to make a difference over time.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and thin socks.
  • Everyone slips up sometimes. If you missed your goal or forgot to track, don’t dwell on it, just pick up right where you left off!
Types of goals
  • If your goal is to lose weight, take longer walks and eventually build up to 45-60 minutes of walking every day. 
  • If your goal is to keep your heart healthy, take shorter, faster walks and eventually build up to 20 minutes of walking without breaks. 
  • If your goal is to stay healthy over your lifetime, gradually build up to taking 6,000-10,000 steps consistently, every day.


Tips and tricks

  • Sometimes your pedometer might not count steps on a treadmill. Keep track of the miles you walked on the treadmill, and multiply each mile by 2,000 to get your total number of steps walked.
  • Kids love using pedometers and seeing how far they can walk. Adding up steps, following maps, and setting goals are all important skills that kids can develop using Lorain County Walks
  • If you are a part of a team, schedule times during the week to meet and walk together. This gives you a chance to socialize and stay motivated.
  • Always check with your physician before starting any exercise program. They will know if it is safe for you to exercise and guide you on how to get started. 
  • Find a pedometer at a retail location (like a sporting goods store) or purchase one from Lorain County Public Health. LCPH pedometers are digital pedometers that run on a watch battery and include safety straps. They are made by Walk 4 Life. Pedometers can be purchased at the LCPH office at 9880 S. Murray Ridge Rd. Elyria, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm for $10.00, or one can be shipped to your home for an additional $1.50. For more information, call 440-322-6367.


Learn More About Getting Active

Why Walk? Why Not! - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
The American Heart Association
Physical Education Central


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