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According to the CHA, currently 35% of Lorain County adults have been diagnosed with high blood pressure; which is higher than the United States' national rate of 31.3%. By hosting a blood pressure monitoring campaign, your worksite, community or faith-based organization can support people in making healthier choices to improve their overall wellness.

Materials Needed:

  • Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor/Cuff
    • Cost varies depending on device ($40.00 to $70.00)
    • One device per 30-40 employees

 For information on the above topics, visit or contact the Lorain County General Health District

Campaign Package:                                                                     

Step One: Get People Interested and Energized to Participate

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Step Two: Decide Ideas and Methods for your Program

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Step Three: Help Participants Monitor and Track Their Blood Pressure

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Step Four: Use the Tracking Sheets to Determine a Winning Team

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Everything You Need To Get Started:

Campaign Photo

E-Mail Blast 

Newsletter Samples

Sample Promotional Flyer

Sign Up Sheet

Tracking and Participation

Blood Pressure Measuring Tips

Blood Pressure Quiz Questions

Blood Pressure Tips


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Blood Pressure

National Blood, Lung, and Heart Institute

American Heart Association

Health Finder

Million Hearts

Medline Plus

National Institutes of Health


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