United We Sweat… Let’s get moving Lorain County! 

United We Sweat was formed to promote healthy living in Greater Lorain County by raising awareness on the types of fitness and nutrition options available. The collaboration aims to ensure that everyone in Lorain County has access to quality physical activities no matter their location, age or skill level.

Every month there will be new fitness classes and events to get us moving in Lorain County! So check back often to discover upcoming ways to get fit. You deserve to live healthy—let’s get moving together! 

All classes and events are free and open to the public! However, to support United Way of Greater Lorain County donations will be graciously accepted at all class locations. Discover a session near you with our interactive map.

Check out December’s free fitness opportunities:


Tuesday, Dec. 9 – Mercy Health and Recreation Center – 10-11:30 am:
Senior Recreation - Board games, card games, chit chat and coffee FREE ages 55 and up.

Wednesday, Dec. 10 – StayFit 24 – 6-6:30pm:
Ab Attack – This is a 30 minute class of hardcore abdominal work. It focuses on toning and defining the abs and strengthening the back to improve posture and core strength.

Friday, Dec. 12 – LCCC PE 105 – 12-12:50pm:
Kristy’s Classes for a Cause: Yoga – Explore yoga as a way of life that promotes healthy balance of mind/body connection & discover ways to create balance in all aspects of life.

Monday, Dec. 15 – LCCC PE 105 – 4-4:50pm:
Kristy’s Classes for a Cause: Pilates – Learn the basic principles of Pilates exercises while developing core control and overall flexibility.

Tuesday, Dec. 16 – LCCC PE 105 – 7-7:50pm:
Kristy’s Classes for a Cause: Yoga – Explore yoga as a way of life that promotes healthy balance of mind/body connection & discover ways to create balance in all aspects of life.

Thursday, Dec. 18 – StayFit 24 – 6-6:30pm:
Floor, Core & More – This class is an excellent way to give you a well-rounded workout. Ten minutes of cardio, ten minutes of standing core and balance work, and ten minutes of floor work (abs, legs, or lower back).

United We Sweat is brought to Lorain County by the United Way of Greater Lorain County in partnership with The Center For Health & Fitness at the UH Avon Health Center, French Creek YMCA, Lorain County Community College, Lorain County General Health District, Lorain County MetroParksMercy Health & Recreation Center, and the Vermilion Family YMCA.

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  • Despite working for 20 years in hospital administration, surrounded by healthcare, Pat Humphrey neglected his own health and trusted solely in the healthcare system to provide treatments to fix what ailed him. Like so many people, Pat found himself on a slippery slope. His doctor prescribed medication to treat his blood pressure. He took pills to suppress his cholesterol. He had medicine to control his diabetes. He had a few stents. He lost weight. Then he had bypass and was told there was nothing more to be done. Pat found himself between a rock and a hard place.

  • Immunizations for adults and children are available in many Lorain County locations each month.

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